Home Theatre installations

  Fiber optic installations is still the most stable and is the way to go but is also expensive there is a huge range of HD video and audio formats Blu Ray and transmitters senders and receivers

Dstv satellite dish kit 80cm full HD reflector high speed Internet access

Fitment of the flat screen TV bracket needs to be close to a electrical power point so that you can provide the TV power then the hight of the Flat screen TV is also important there are a huge range of flat screen TV brackets the most popular flat

Full motion Sanus flat screen TV brackets the best on the market

Go for a good connection and a good cable with excellent links

Multi switch PVR smart lnb satcr and all receiver components

Repairs or get a damaged report for your insurance

Pro 5 coaxial cable

Sound bar need and almost no cable

Link as much flat screen TVs possible with the new Hb box standard definition and high definition the sky is the limit

Triple view allows us to have three decoders on one monthly subscription good news

    Dstv satellite installations we need to run more Cable and the is more involved than just cable a hardware and software component's is necessary to make sure that you have a good and stable signal income to all the TVs show in

Reinstall xplora installations Xtra view installations home Theatre installations trouble shooting network installations sound bar brackets of all flat screen TVs components DVD player's speakers installations of xplora Xtra view installations

Network installations dstv Satellite installations

Hide cable in trunking and conduit tubing need and for a long lasting installation

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